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At Greenzone Academy, we know every learner can succeed given the right tools and personalized attention- which is exactly what our tutoring program aims to provide. For over ten years, we have been supporting learners and 97% of our clients agree to recommend us to other parents.


We offer personalized learning for British curriculum homeschoolers, students at traditional schools, home/online tutoring, language classes and school educational support services.



Homeschooling is also known as home education, is when students are educated at home or various other places by a tutor or online teacher. Greenzone Academy offers support for homeschooling by providing an in-house service and online platform for learning, complete with teacher support, recorded lessons and provision of learning goals and learning materials, following specific curriculum. Parents are free to choose the most suitable method.


Greenzone Academy is a great option for children wishing to be homeschooled. Whether the child will be studying at home with the support of a parent, or with the support of a tutor. The following are a variety of options you can choose from:


In-house service – A tutor works with the child at home.

Online class – A tutor holds a live class with the child.

Recorded lessons – The learner watches the video lessons sent by tutor and takes assessment.

Parent-support plan: Parent gets specific learning goals and textbook recommendation to work with child at home.

CambriLearn Affiliate: Learners can complete the  Cambridge Curriculum and take exams in accredited centers by signing up with our affiliate Online school.


In-home and online tutoring are provided for all ages including learners with Special Needs. At Greenzone Academy, we call students with special needs exceptional students.


After matching your child with a handpicked tutor, our goal is to fill in the missing gaps in your child’s knowledge, provide them with the skills necessary to be independent learners, and to help boost their confidence by allowing them to grow in a comfortable learning environment.


Students preparing for external examinations take regular standardized test through our online quiz. Parents are encouraged to provide the scheme of work and update us ahead of time of continuous assessment and school exams.


We cover Autism Spectrum Disorder, Dyslexia, ADHD and Speech delay.

Reading Clinic

supports learners reading below grade level and those who need to improve their reading and spelling confidence, using the Jolly Phonics approach. Jolly Phonics is a fun- systematic program designed for young or beginner learner to develop their reading and literacy skill.


Jolly Phonics teaches the 5 main skills, where the children are firstly taught the 42 sounds in English, and then continued into blending and reading skill, at the same time they are taught to write by identifying the sounds in words.


After assessment by the academy, the child will be placed on a unique plan to determine the duration needed to achieve the expected goal. A learner has between 3 – 6 months to complete the programme.


Participants have a unique time slot, between 30 – 45 minutes, three times a week.


Monthly fee N60,000 per learner.

Reading/Writing Challenge


Reading/Writing Challenge is a way to engage children in continued reading and improving their writing skills over the weekend or during holidays.


Students read some of the books from the recommended reading list, gives an oral summary and write new words from the book.


Extension activity in form of writing is included, where participants are encouraged to develop creative writing skills.


Available for Group and individual. Group challenge consist of children of same age group, not more than 10 participants who discuss books read and take on writing challenge. Ages 7 – 15 only


Monthly Fee: N 6,500 for group challenge

Saturdays: 4pm – 5pm

Individual Payment: Monthly N 12,500  |  Quarterly  N 35,500                  

Group Payment : Monthly N 6,500  |  Quarterly  N 18,500        

Language Classes


Classes are available for the following languages: Yoruba, Igbo, Spanish, French and Efik. Lesson videos are sent ahead of each class to prepare the learner ahead of online interaction with tutor.


This service is only available online for ages 4 and above. Classes will hold at the learner’s specific time slot.


Language classes take place three times a week, 60 minutes per session.


Monthly fee per participant is N60,000 (ages 4 – 12)
Monthly fee per participant is N75,000 (ages 13 and above)

Language Class Registration Form

Trainings for Educators

Click below to see our training courses and upcoming trainings. Individual trainings are also available.

Educational Materials


Click the button to see the list of available textbooks, workbooks, story books and other learning materials. Deliveries available across Nigeria.