Coping with limitations

Have you realized that no matter how good our plans are, unforeseen things still happen?
After spending weeks and days making our plans, reality dawns on us that, they may fall apart in mere seconds. The Covid-19 pandemic is a great example which has altered our lives drastically and its effect is life-time.

Our limitations are more obvious as we put in new skills to adapt to this drastic change.
Regardless of all, these limitations and alterations are not meant to stop us. Rather, they are here to show us a new path with more opportunities.
As we all adjust to this new normal, don’t be too hard on yourself or others.

Self-care matters! Maintain a healthy eating habit, exercise often, connect with friends and relatives and take time to meditate, as you strategize a new plan.

Take a breadth, and take comfort in knowing that we are all in this together. If you have concerns about your child’s education, feel free to contact me by clicking on this link: Whatsapp Direct line

Sending you lots of love,
Temitayo Otakponmwenhi (Mrs. Otas.) Director, GREENZONE ACADEMY

Educational Consultant/ Jolly Phonics Trainer
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