For over a decade, we have been supporting the African child to become confident and excellence-driven in their studies. This ranges from Nursery – Senior Secondary classes, including preparation for IGCSE, TOEFL and others. We nurture every learner towards being a successful and happy scholar.

Who are the Green Tutors?

Green Tutors are professionals who are constantly trained and regularly supervised to enable them continually provide top-notch services to our various clients across Nigeria and abroad. They have been carefully shortlisted based on their qualifications, passion for teaching and successful performance in our assessment.

Meet the Director

The director, Temitayo Otakponmwenhi (Mrs. Otas.) is a seasoned educational adminstrator, whose teaching experience spans almost two decades. She holds a degree and masters in Educational Administration

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Testimonials from clients

My daughter’s performance in school has improved tremendously since we started using Greenzone Academy. I am finally able to worry less about her academic performance.

-Mrs. Olukoya

Ikeja, Lagos.

I have never regretted choosing Greenzone Academy. This is why I’m always eager to recommend them to my friends and colleagues.

-Mrs. O. Ojo

Lekki, Lagos.


Your consistency and professionalism are quite appreciated. I don’t take it for granted. I have passion and am deeply involved in education and I can tell if things are straight or otherwise. I really appreciate your commitment and bonding with the kids through the online ReadingClinic, the kids really love it. Thank you Greenzone Academy

Mr. S. Bashir

Ikoyi, Lagos.

Other Services

ReadingClinic – This helps children between 5-12 years develop confidence at reading, improve their vocabulary and cultivate a good reading habit. It is an individual plan where each child gets undivided attention.

Training Trainings are regularly organized for educators and school administrators.

Consultation: Nursery and Primary schools which need help with staff recruitment and training, curriculum development, school marketing, textbook recommendations and school structure have access to our top-notch and effective services.

Parents who need help with choosing the right school or seeking for answers to questions of concerns about your child’s learning experience are guaranteed of getting reliable results from us.

Special Education Needs: Our team of professionals are available to assess and provide support for children with Special Education Needs.

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