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Meet the Director

Temitayo Otakponmwenhi (Mrs. Otas.) is a trained Educational Administrator with a degree and masters in Educational Administration from the University of Lagos (UNILAG). She is also an alumni of Lagos Business School, Pan-Atlantic University and a Montessorian. Her expertise in Jolly Phonics is exceptional. With almost two decades teaching experience, she consistently helps improve the educational experience of the African child through creative and effective teaching method; imbedded with good relationship by professional teachers who are constantly trained. In addition, helping parents make well-informed decisions for their children.

The Green Tutors

Meet the Tutors

Only professional and dynamic educators make up the teaching team. Our tutors are known as Green Tutors. They are constantly trained and supervised to continually deliver the best services.

Ugwu Chika
B.Sc in Biochemistry

Ugwu Chika holds a B.Sc in Biochemistry and a certification in Jolly phonics with over 4 years teaching experience. Specializes in teaching Mathematics, English and Science.

Ogunsanya Gbolahan
B.Ed in Maths Education

Ogunsanya Gbolahan holds an N.C.E in Mathematics Education and has in-view, B.Ed in Mathematics Education at UNILAG. With great deal of experience in teaching Mathematics and Further mathematics.

Irolo Martha
B.Ed Edu Admin & Planning

With over 10 years teaching experience and a degree in Educational Administration and Planning, Martha has proven to be one of the best early year tutor. She also specializes in early year reading skills.

Odutola Odutayo
B.Sc.(Ed.) Science Education

Odutola Odutayo is graduate with B.Sc.(Ed.) & N.C.E. in Science Education with 19 years of teaching experience. He specializes in teaching Mathematics and Biology from upper primary – Year 9 and Senior secondary classes.

What Clients Say


My 21 year old son based in the U.K couldn’t communicate in Yoruba. After 3 months of online classes with Greenzone Academy, he improved amazingly in both reading and speaking. I am really impressed with the transformation. Thank you, Greenzone Academy.

--Mr. Martins , Ikoyi

What Clients Say


My children attend a Muslim school and more attention is paid to Arabics. My 5 year-old child could not read at all. After engaging the services of Greenzone Academy, within a month, my daughter can read. Infact, I recommended the school director of my child’s school to contact Greenzone Academy to train their teachers.

--Dr. Mariam , Abuja

What Clients Say


My children’s performances in school have improved tremendously since we started using Greenzone Academy. I am finally able to relax and worry less about their academic performances.

--Mrs. Olukoya , Lekki

What Clients Say


Green tutors keep to time and are serious with their job. My four kids have improved greatly and my husband is happy about their results.

-Mrs. R. Asibor , Lekki

What Clients Say


I'm so happy I decided to take part in your free webinar. I learnt a lot and decided to do a consultation for my almost 5 year old son. It's been 2 weeks since he started his one-on-one reading with you and there's a big difference already. He wasn't reading AT ALL when he started, now he can identify a number of sounds and is reading 3 letter words. I definitely made the right choice choosing Greenzone Academy

--Mrs. Adesina. , Holland

What Clients Say


I engaged the service of a Green Tutor for Home-schooling. The whole experience was amazing! I felt a deep satisfaction in me and was glad I did not make the wrong choice. I am recommending Green Tutors to parents who desire quality and excellent academic experience for their children."

--Mrs. Boladuro , Omole Phase 2, Lagos

What Clients Say


After the Lockdown, when schools resumed onsite, we decided to keep our children at home. We opted for home-schooling with the help of Green Tutors. They were at home from March -December and the experience was amazing! When they resumed onsite school in January, my children adjusted well. We still retained a Green Tutor for After-school and it is helping my children balance well in class. I highly recommend Green Tutors to other parents.

--Mrs. T. Omoyeni , Magodo, Lagos

Frequently Asked Questions

Q: Why work with a Green Tutor?
  1. We have a team of passionate and professional tutors in different specialties and locations across Nigeria; constantly trained and supervised. If you need to relocate for a short or long term, be rest assured that there would be a Green tutor ready to support your child in the new location.
  2. The director is a certified Educational Administrator with almost 2 decades teaching experience.
  3. We provide performance reports and track learner progress.
  4. We inspire learners to improve academic confidence, work promptly and revise thoroughly ahead of continuous assessment and exams.
  5. We work as a team. In the case when the assigned tutor won’t be available for some days or weeks, a stand-in tutor will continue with the class.
  6. Class schedules are adjusted during school continuous assessment and exams to ensure thorough revision
Q: What if I don’t like the service of the tutor assigned?

A replacement will be done immediately and payment prorated as applicable or refund made if we are unable to get another suitable replacement. However, most clients have attested to the fact that, tutors assigned to their children exceed their expectations.

Q: Which curriculum do you use?

We advise parents to provide the curriculum as used in the child’s school and notify us ahead of continuous assessments and exams. However, if not available, we work with lessons taught at school with extended activities to broaden the child’s understanding.

Q: How do I get textbooks and workbooks needed?

We recommend textbooks and workbooks based on the learning goals. Some of these books are available in our store. Parents may purchase the books or have them delivered by the academy to your door step at a token. Click here to see some learning materials you may be interested in.

Q: How do you operate?
  1. The parent is required to fill our online form which helps us collect all the necessary information about the learners and their learning needs.
  2. Depending on the type of tutoring the client is interested in, we engage the client in either our online classes or physical one on one tutoring classes with our experienced professional tutors.
  3. We manage the client’s experience including payments, dispute resolution, tutor performance tracking as well as creating learner’s progress reports.
Q: What kind of classes do you offer?

We offer Group online classes, In-home class and  One-on-one online class for pupils/students between Nursery 2 – SS 3.

Q: How do you charge and what are the rates?

A: Our online group classes run for 3 times a week at 1.30 hours per session and it covers Mathematics and English at N10,000 per learner. All learners must be within Primary/Basic 4 – SS 3. It has a maximum of 10 learners in a group

B: Prices for In-home and One-one-one online class vary depending on the type of request you want. To determine your fee, kindly click here to see payment estimate.

Do you have more questions?

If you have any questions, kindly you can reach out to us

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