collection of storybook or cartoon

Which does your child prefer- Cartoon or books?

Something phenomenal happened recently! My children ages 1+ and 3 + left cartoon for books with all pleasure.

I bought new storybooks for my children, added to their library. So, this is what happened.

(Children watching cartoon when I walked into the room)

Mum: Dede, see your new books! ( I unwrapped them from the big envelope)

Dede: Yaaay!! (She shifted her attention away from the t.v and reached for the books) Ivie, see books (beaming with smiles. Her sister joined her and both sat on the floor flipping through the pages of the books)

I was expecting them to leave the books after a while and request for cartoon because I had changed the station to my preferred t.v program. This was amazing because I know they love watching cartoon and would have changed the program from the decoder if it wasn’t in their favor.

Books or Cartoon

After a while, we all had to leave the room to attend to something downstairs. While downstairs, Dede kept saying, “Mum , I want to read my book

Well, we got back into the room and she dashed straight for her books. In fact, she slept with her books on her face.

The next day, while preparing for school, she saw the books by the bedside and insisted on taking them to school. Immediately we arrived at school, she opened her bag and showed everyone.

This is a remarkable experience for me because I see my children choosing books over cartoon willingly.

Can they read the words yet? Certainly no! Dede is yet to learn writing all letters while the younger sister is yet to begin.

However, I see “love for reading” which is a product of the “Read aloud “exercises we have been having at home. Yes, I read to my children everyday!

Temitayo Otakponmwenhi

Educational Administrator/Consultant.


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