Greenzone Our Services
Greenzone Our Services

At Greenzone Academy, we understand finding a tutor is not always an easy task. Whether searching for Nursery Primary or a Secondary tutor, we strive to make the process as simple as possible – listing all home tutors closest to you.

Ensure you fill out your location in the form so we can match you with an educator close to you.

Become a tutor: Are you looking to become a Green tutor at Greenzone Academy? please fill in the form below.

How it Works:

  • Consultation/ Registration: To get started, download and fill the form by answering a few questions about you or your child’s tutoring needs, preferences and availability. Otherwise, give us a call right away on 08029415571 to speak to our Education Consultant for a FREE Consultation on your child’s tutoring needs.
  • Match: We use the data provided on your registration form to custom-match you or your child with the best tutor based on the student’s learning style, academic strengths and weaknesses, availability, location, and personality within 24 hours.
  • Plan: The tutor will call you to arrange tutoring sessions at your home or mutually agreed upon location or online and work with the student to set academic goals and develop a personalized tutoring plan that will ensure the student’s success.
  • Track: GreenZone Academy closely tracks the student’s academic progress against the set goals to ensure the student is getting the right support he or she needs every step of the way.


One-on-One In-Home Tutoring: Greenzone Academy One-on-One In-Home tutoring offers the parents and the child the opportunity to study at home while being safe. The tutorial sessions are planned to meet the academic needs of each individual student, identifying the student’s need for improvement and focus their lesson plans accordingly in other to help the students achieve their educational goals. Our bespoke tutorials help students nurture an interest in learning. We also introduce organizational, time management and study skill strategies, to enhance their thinking and creative skills.

 Online Tutoring: Our aim is to provide tutorial sessions to everyone, anywhere in the world! With our state-of-art online tutoring platform, learning is made simple. It is interactive and provides adequate time flexibility for your child’s study.

Exam prep:

Weekend kiddies club:

Career Counselling and Consulting: