My Greenzone Story

I started teaching at an early age to raise money for my school fees at the University. There were days I went to school with insufficient funds. Despite that, I never trekked home.

My course mates would ask me to help them with their assignments or organize tutorials for them- which I did passionately. I got financial rewards from some, while others would shower me with prayers or buy me lunch. One of my favorite courses was statistics.

Those who had children of school age hired me to tutor their children at home. This fetched me more money, while schooling.

Another course mate, who already own a school, asked me to join her workforce. That was how I got a regular job without any application neither interview. Still, I continued with my studies at the University of Lagos.

Upon completion of my first degree with a 2.1, I continued with both teaching at a school and visiting different homes for tutorials. I was so skinny then because I hardly rested.

After serving for 5 years at that school, my resignation was finally accepted at the third time. I started Greenzone Academy, as a creche and playgroup, of which I put all my resources, with partnership from two other friends. At the same time, I registered for the Master’s program at the University of Lagos, with no money at all to pay my tuition. Business was yet to pick up. I kept funding it with the money made from home tutorials.

(I am just a radical person who believe God will always make a way, as long as you are determined.)

Long story short, I was able to pay my fees, 50% came as donations from a friend and a church member.

After a year, I couldn’t raise money to pay the rent for the building where we started Greenzone Academy. My friends had pulled out some months before then.

How was I to raise one million naira?
The rent had increased from 700k to one million!

Those were crazy moments in my life. I sold some of my personal belongings and took the rest back to my parent’s home. Thank God school was on break then. I took some time off out of Lagos.

I was so broke again, yet I showed up at school, smiling…

To be continued…





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