(Tutor’s Code of Conduct)
It is important to note that a contract employee MUST not be involved in acts of omission inconsistent with the academy’s conditions of service and code of conduct. Also, three (3) queries within an academic year, would connote immediate dismissal from the academy.

  1. Your employment is on a contract basis.
  2. At your confirmation, your employment relationship may be terminated by either party giving at least one week notice.
  3. You are expected to be with your designated family, at least 10mins before the appointed time. Any need for lateness must be communicated to the Director at least 2hours before.
  4. Trainings will be organized regularly and must be well attended.
  5. Payment will only be made at the completion of expected days and when Feedback form and Tutor’s Schedule is duly completed and submitted.
  6. Payment plan per family varies. Hence, your payment will be made as Academy deem fit.
  7. The feedback form provided for each family should be well filled and left with the family.
  8. Tutors are not allowed to attend to visitors or interact with parents during lessons.
  9. The Academy can re-assign you to another family without prior notice.
  10. Tutors may use their phone sparingly during lessons and must maintain low voice.
  11. Absence without at least 2 days prior notification is not allowed and won’t be paid for. Days missed must be substituted at the Academy’s reschedule with parents. In repeated manner, such a tutor may be dismissed from the academy.
  12. Repeated absenteeism from work without authorization shall attract a written query and/or termination of appointment.
  13. Dress code: Smart native, business casual and a pair of shoes (No sandal or flip flop)
  14. Eating of cooked food and light snacks during lesson is not allowed, except for water and fizzy drinks (no alcoholic drink)
  15. Tutors are expected to research and prepare ahead for their lessons, adhering to the plans and objectives given by the academy. The director must be notified before altering any plan.
  16. Reports must be given every Friday based on the child (ren)’s performance to the Director.
  17. Tutors must speak with the Director about any challenge first before communicating with the parents (if authorized by the director)
  18. No cash payment/ cheques must be received on behalf of the academy. Defaulters will be penalized.
  19. Only green and black pen, biro must be used to write/mark the children’s work.
  20. No tutor is allowed to spank children or impose any form of corporal punishment such as asking the child to kneel down etc. Defaulters will be terminated immediately and/or with #5,000.00 fine
  21. Tutors should be creative and use flash cards as required.
  22. Payment plan varies and will be made as agreed per family with the tutor.
  23. Tutors are not allowed to discuss payment schedule with parents.
  24. Abusive language must not be used on the children.
  25. All exercise given to pupils must be marked thoroughly, corrections made and date clearly written by the pupil.
  26. Lessons hold on Public holidays except for Christmas, Boxing Day, New Year Day and Ileya festival.
  27. Tutors are not permitted to render independent service to any Greenzone Academy’s Client (neighbors and close relatives included) even after 24months of termination of appointment.
  28. Disciplinary actions shall be taken against contract staff in the form of
  • Salary deduction
  • written queries which must be replied within 24hours of receiving such (via e-mail)
  • and / or suspension
  • and / or termination without notice.
  1. All tutors are expected to adhere strictly to the following:
  • Confidence: Tutors should encourage children to be independent and confident in their abilities.
  • Creativity: All tutors must encourage creativity.
  • Excellence: Work must be done at optimal standard at all times, all exercises marked and corrections done promptly. Punctuality and timeliness is key
  1. There would be target setting and performance evaluation every quarter. The continual referral of parent  would be based on the outcome of the exercise at the end of every school calendar year. Members of staff who fail to meet set target at the end of the session will have their employment terminated.

This terms and condition of service was reviewed in 2017. It would, however, be used for staff throughout their employment period except where otherwise reviewed by management.


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