10 unbelievable benefits of flying kites

Many parents ask me how to keep their children away from screen time. My response remains same:
Besides reading books, let them play!

With schools on lockdown since March, 2020, there has been excessive screen time with limited physical activity, which has adverse effects on your child’s total well being.

Here is another weekend and a good time for parents to allow the children play, with supervision. Keep all smartphones away and turn off the television set . Have quality family time, playing outdoor games.

You can also allow them fly the kite!

Let me share some benefits of flying a kite with you.

1. Kite flying is Science lesson.

It teaches them how wind works.

2. Improves their gross motor skills

skills required to make big movements and generate a lot of power using the limbs.

3. Improves hand-eye coordination

The better your child’s hand-eye coordination, the better he/she will be at basic small tasks that require great dexterity.

4. Following instructions

Children need to follow your instructions so their kites flying is a success.

5. Inspires creativity

Your child can design his/her own kite, using different shapes and colours. You can get a paint-your-own- kite kit from Amazon.

6. Improves physical health

Besides the cognitive benefit, kite flying is also good for your child’s physical health. Children over age 6 need an hour a day of physical exercise. Flying kites requires a lot of running, jumping around, screaming, laughing and having a whole lot of fun.

7. Improves critical thinking

There are many hurdles when flying a kite and your child is forced to critically think about the situation and come up with a solution. For example, the kite may intertwine with another kite mid-air or get stuck on a tree.

8. It improves eye sight.

The more children use smartphones or watch t.v, their eyes are prone to constant strain. Kite flying engages numerous eye muscles and nerves. This helps fight eye fatigue and helps prevent myopia, as your child constantly focus on a distant kite.

9. Builds Confidence

Your child’s confidence is sky high when his/her kite is successfully flying. A child with high confidence is more likely to take in bigger challenges and tackle problems with self- belief.

10. Persistence

When a child is flying a kite, there’s a good chance they will fall the first attempt. With persistence, they will be able to get their kites in the sky eventually.

So, get out there and encourage your children to engage in an exhilarating fun, yet healthy journey of flying kites.


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